Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Quadmaran 3D taking on water

Teryn modified the 3D model so it has more waterline area. These are not as thin in the middle.  These are a little bigger than the last set.  However, we had not fix all the overhangs of more than 45 degrees and so it leaked.  We put on some waterproofing but it was not enough and some still leaked.  The test below was this morning and Teryn has since fixed the design and we started printing on the next set of 4 floats.  These will be even bigger.

Look what is at the end of the rainbow

Taking on water in the front
Slow-mo but since the front edge is touching water it is not really working the way it is supposed to yet.  Next version in a few days (about 1 day to print each float).


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