Monday, June 3, 2019

Wing shaped floats

We are going to try replacing the cylinder floats with a wing shaped float.
It has about the total volume of the 8 inch cylinder but is half the width.  This gives is half the frontal area and a much lower coefficient of drag. This should let the seastead model move through the water under power faster.  Also, when aimed into the waves the wing shaped floats should react less to the waves and so make a smoother ride.

We made a mold out of some 4 inch PVC pipe , some plywood, and some hinges.  Have poured some floats but still need to do one more.

We used a paint drop cloth to make a liner so the foam would not stick to the mold.  Taped it up so it was like a bag.

Put a chain inside.   Also going to try 2 chains as then the wing should be able to act like a keel or dagger-board to help keep the seastead from blowing sideways.

Pictures below.  Expect to test in the water soon.