Sunday, April 21, 2019

Irma and Seastead Model

We were close to ready to launch a larger robot boat when Hurrican Irma destroyed our shop room.    The above video shows our phone app controlling two trolling motors.

 Below is video from during Irma.

After Irma our shop (where first video above was taken) looked like this:

So a lot of extra work after Irma and it took awhile to even get glass back on the shop.   At the same time that many islands needed lots and lots of new glass the main glass place for these islands in Puerto Rico was destroyed.

Ocean Builders launched a full scale Seastead in Thailand and Chad and Nadia lived on it for awhile.  This got me thinking about seastead designs again.    I liked an approach I looked at 10 years ago:

 So we built a model along those lines.  We will be using the app from the first video and similar electronics and trolling motors to motorize  the Seastead model below:

This is a 1/6th scale model of a design that fits in a 40 foot container.   Next post should have this motoring around on its own.