Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cute New Boat

 We got our cute new boat today.   In the picture above it is still in the boat yard where it was made.  Thanks "Country" we love it!   If anyone needs boat work he is East of the pond in Sandy Ground, just look for a yard with lots of boats.   We love it so much we ordered a second one.
 This picture is at our house with Corey, Amoni, and Ethan.   Below we are checking a 100 watt solar panel for size.  We are probably going to put some marine plywood across the top to put the solar panels on.   I think we can fit 4 of the 100 watt and 1 of the 50 watts panels for a total of 450 watts of solar.  We might do less at first so we can have humans aboard.
So anyone seeing the boat can read the story behind it (July 13, 2017):
Making a cover for the solar panels to go on (July 15, 2017):
After a coat of resin (July 16, 2017).  Did this underside early in the morning in the shade.  Did the top side in the mid-day sun and the resin suddenly hardened in the pot right as I was finishing.   In the future I think I want to only play with resin in the early morning shade.
Fits on the boat and can hold 4 of the 100 watt panels (July 16).  Going to get some stainless steel screws and some more resin.

Tested out 4WD at the beach and it did not work (July 16).  Will take the jeep to a mechanic.  This is the spot we will launch at.  We can bring a pitchfork to get seaweed out of the way of the trailer.   Getting the boat through that much seaweed will also be an issue.
We got a second boat but our 4WD vehicle is still at the shop (as of Aug 25, 2017).  One problem with living in paradise is it can take awhile to get parts.  We should get a second trailer Tuesday.