Monday, June 26, 2017

Getting ready for 9 foot Robot Boat

We decided to buy a 9 foot fiberglass dingy that is made in Anguilla:

But by the time we decided "Country" (he is East of pond in Sandy Ground) had sold that one to someone else.  But he has a mold and so can make more and is now making one for us.

We got a trailer shipped over from St Marten.  Island Waterworld does not take Bitcoin but I could convert Bitcoin to Paypal.  :-).   We got a trailer hitch put on Leslie's jeep (Crispin in Rey Hill did a nice job).   It is a very short drive from our house to Sandy Hill Bay beach, so we will launch there.

Our new "maker room" has a nice view of the ocean and airconditioning.   With all these cool electronics I can't understand why it is not more popular on

We tested our phone app with a Bluetooth motor controller hooked up to 2 solid state relays which in turn controlled the trolling motors.   All seems to work fine.   The phone app is the same one we wrote for the smaller solar robot boat.  Just a tiny bit of electronics to control a big 9 foot robot, eh?  Phone has computer, display, GPS, compass, communications, camera, etc. in one small package that was already on hand.   We will add solar to this boat too.