Sunday, August 14, 2016

3D Printing Learning Curve

 Last night we made our first attempt at printing a boat part.    It was not completely successful.  :-)   First, we intended to print something about half this in each direction or 1/8th the total volume.  Ooops.  Second, the base seems not to be strong enough and the object seems to have wobbled as it got higher.

There is a learning curve on using new tech, so one should not expect everything to work perfectly the first time.  :-)

We can make the base and float merge together so it is a stronger connection.
We can have the heating pad go off after the first few layers, which might make them harder and less wobbly.  We can have a honey-comb structure inside so it is not just hollow.   There are lots of other things to try as well.  Of course printing a smaller object should help.

We put the  printer at work for several reasons.  There is more free room at work.  There is a cat at home that I could imagine attacking the machine or scratching it or at least getting hair into something.   It makes noise but in the office it is far enough from where I work not to bother me.  Also it seems a fun window display that people might find interesting.  However, we may need to set up a web cam so we can check the progress of 3D prints from home. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Welding and a Workbench

 Ethan, Teryn, Morrel, and I are trying to learn how to TIG weld.  Morrel has welded aluminum using MIG, so he is kind of a ringer.
 Teryn is playing with 200 amps of current.  Ethan in orange.  Need to tighten the side things so that mask does not fall down.
 Morrel and I made a workbench.
 So we had a place for a chop saw and a grinder.
Amoni and I painted it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Welder and 3D Printer on same day!

We were delayed because the tank delivered to us was not really Argon and then the guy going to teach us how to weld was busy carnival week.  But today we really started welding. 

Also got our 3D printer yesterday and got a test print going today.