Sunday, August 14, 2016

3D Printing Learning Curve

 Last night we made our first attempt at printing a boat part.    It was not completely successful.  :-)   First, we intended to print something about half this in each direction or 1/8th the total volume.  Ooops.  Second, the base seems not to be strong enough and the object seems to have wobbled as it got higher.

There is a learning curve on using new tech, so one should not expect everything to work perfectly the first time.  :-)

We can make the base and float merge together so it is a stronger connection.
We can have the heating pad go off after the first few layers, which might make them harder and less wobbly.  We can have a honey-comb structure inside so it is not just hollow.   There are lots of other things to try as well.  Of course printing a smaller object should help.

We put the  printer at work for several reasons.  There is more free room at work.  There is a cat at home that I could imagine attacking the machine or scratching it or at least getting hair into something.   It makes noise but in the office it is far enough from where I work not to bother me.  Also it seems a fun window display that people might find interesting.  However, we may need to set up a web cam so we can check the progress of 3D prints from home. 


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