Sunday, September 11, 2016

Welding delays and rats

So it turns out these "gas shields" on the welder get red hot and break easily.  An experienced welder would know this and have a number of boxes of replacement parts.  We, on the other hand, will be getting boxes of these from Amazon soon.  We can't weld till they come.   On tropical islands Amazon does not have 1 day delivery.  Anyone know why Amazon does not make it easy to pick DHL or FedEx for overnight delivery to anywhere in the world for urgent things like this?  

A rat was in our welder.  Now we have rat poison.

And glue traps.

And mechanical traps.  And new "Rat Zapper" electronic traps on the way from Amazon.  Old Rat Zapper gave up the ghost.

Rats are a problem with having the welder outside that I had not thought of.  There is a water tank and cooling system that a rat could damage to get at the water.   This is troublesome enough I am thinking some of moving to someplace where we could have a nice shop/work area.


  1. McDaniel described the welders in place and indicated that not only high school student benefited from training on the new equipment but adults through work force training were learning new skills as well. Shelly Thomas from ECCC explained that through the training programs,

  2. Now the rates will learn how to thief to a handyman house! lol. Love it.