Sunday, October 30, 2016

Quadmaran model testing 10/16

With the latest 3D printed floats we have a new model and tested it in several different wave conditions.    These videos were shot at 8x and then slowed by 1.5 for a net slowdown of 5.3.  This is about right for the scaling factor of this model.  So how fast you see the model tipping is how fast the full scale boat would tip in full scale waves.

We put either my Tiva shoes or a sandwich bag of sand to get the boat to float at the right trim.

First in small waves.   This design does not move much in small waves.  This is good.

Next in small waves but there was some swell or passing boat that caused some rocking.  This is not ideal and I think if the center part of the float were to smoothly curve from the bottom to the top instead of just going straight up that up down motion would go away as waves more and so the boat would stop rocking faster.   We will experiment with this new float shape in coming models.

Next tested in a pool.

Then what are sort of medium ocean waves for this sized model.  Still looking good.
And the same medium waves but also two large waves coming by.  It handles these 2 large waves very well.
Last some large confused waves.   These are large enough that in real life you would try not to be in them.  Like you would stay in a harbor if the full scale ocean was going to be this rough, or navigate to avoid a storm like this.  But the boat must be able to survive these and probably even worse.  I think it does fine.

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