Friday, March 6, 2015

Testing electronics / curved hole in styrofoam

We wanted a curved hole through the styrofoam in the float for the driveshaft and made one using a curved pipe and some acetone.

We have lights on either side wired to the same relays as the motors.  So if a light on the left is on the left motor will be on once hooked up. We tested this  going up and down the road in front of our house and it works.  So depending on which way Amoni is pointing it will turn on left, both, or right lights.   The phone on its own seems to have a more reliable compass than when next to all these wires.  I meant to twist pairs of wires together (which would nearly keep them from making magnetic fields) but forgot.  Will probably just put the phone on the boat a bit away from the other electronics.

We are still having to use two phones, one for GPS and one for compass.  This is not as reliable or fast as one good phone would be.  The phone company got in new phones with a compass but they were all gone when I got there.  So I have ordered one on Amazon and should get it next week.  I think we can launch the boat next week.   Will let you know when we do!

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