Sunday, March 29, 2015

Maiden Autonomous Voyage

Sunday morning, March 29, 2015 is the first time our robot drove around on its own.   It did well.

The GPS track shows where we put the boat in the water, where it went, where we carried it back up the beach when we were done, and where we had breakfast to celebrate (Roys!).   The boat spent a lot of time near a catamaran located by one of the waypoints, so there is a lot of red there.

The last waypoint was supposed to be back near the start but I used the first waypoint over when it was not really near the start.

I think it moves about 1 MPH.  We need to test this more without obstacles and upwind, downwind, crosswind.  Also, different propellers can make a difference so there is more experimenting to do there.   We will probably put on 2 more motors on the other 2 floats at some point.  Also interesting to try different speed motors.  Lots to do, but off to a good start.

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