Friday, March 27, 2015

Motors Driveshaft Propellers / Maiden voyage Saturday 4:00

The brass pipe is curved as it goes through the float and up through the plywood.  The flexible driveshaft is inside the brass pipe and sticks up a bit higher.

I used the top of a waterbottle as a waterproof opening to the engine compartment.  This way I can disconnect the driveshaft to inspect it,  greese it, replace it, or try out a different propeller.

Put some Gorilla Glue around the engine so it is firmly held.  Filled in openings with electrical tape or bits of foam and covered everything with styrospray paint.  Note lid on engine compartment opening below.

Note that the water break makes a nice stand to keep the propellers off the ground.   The water break should also help if we catch a big fish which pulls harder than the motors can.

Now we just have to spray paint it and connect 4 wires from the electronics box to the 2 motors.   So we will almost for sure launch Saturday at 4:00 in Sandy Hill  Bay (left side as you drive in).   We will probably be there till dark.  You should be able to see where the boat has been in real time with this online map but you may have to pan over to Sandy Hill Bay.

Some of the results we hope to get (assuming it keeps working and time permitting):

  1. About how fast is it
  2. How fast does it turn
  3. How fast does it drift with the motors off and the water break down
  4. Can we write down Morse code as it flashes to us across the bay
  5. Can it pull another quadmaran while still turning well and how fast
  6. Can it push another quadmaran while still turning well and how fast
  7. How loud is the motorcycle horn from across the bay
  8. How much of the time does it go straight with both motors on and how much time is it turning with one motor off
We will take pictures and video and post them.

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