Sunday, March 22, 2015

Google Fusion Tables Map

Our phone app now saves status updates, including GPS location, to Google's Fusion Tables about every 20 seconds.  This generates a map in real time.  As the boat moves around the map will update if you refresh your  browser.  We will post to facebook before putting the boat in the water so people can watch live.   Pictures going to the Internet live are not reliable enough yet so we will probably have to post those to this blog and facebook after the boat is back on land.  Click satellite below for satellite image.

If you click on a dot in the map below it will tell you the other information in that row in the table.   The numbers are either a current value or computed over the last 20 seconds.

  • Health Count - When it is turning the right way or going forward when it is supposed to we add one, when wrong way we subtract one.  If no change, nothing.
  • Battery level - percentage full for phone battery (not boat battery)
  • HealthMaxPitch - biggest forward backward angle in last 20 seconds
  • HealthMaxRoll - biggest roll angle side to side in last 20 seconds
  • TimedEventClock - each tick is 100 ms or 1/10th of a second
  • HealthLastOffCourseAngle - how far off course we were
  • CurrentLat - current latitude
  • CurrentLong - current logitude

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