Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Java App Features

There are several things that we really want to do that just can't be done in App Inventor.   We will make a Java app that we can call from App Inventor to do these.   The list of functions is below.  If someone has some function they would like to use from App Inventor,  please let me know!   We want to make our Java app useful when making all kinds of bluetooth toys into robots using an Android phone and App Inventor.

  1. Get battery charge level and temperature
  2. Turn on and off the LED on the phone
  3. Use camera without any operator help (both front and back, and different resolutions, save to file)
  4. OCR (will just specify color range for letters, return text)
  5. Computer vision (where is the Red blob, which way to yellow ball, return X,Y and number of pixels)
  6. Get distance camera autofocus reports

This app we will probably sell on Play Store for $10.  It could be nice for anyone using App Inventor. 

Possible Additions

Some other things that we might want to add to this Java app:
  1. Access/control GoPro camera.  There is a GoProJavaApi.
  2. Measure sonar distance using phone speaker and microphone 

Demo of App Inventor with Vision

We will do a project or two where we use an Android phone, App Inventor, our Java app, and some toy to do something fund with robot vision.
  1.  Lots of bluetooth toys
  2. More bluetooth toys
  3.  Deskpets - like $28 for a cute little toy with tank treds - also shooting tank
  4.    Sphero - ball rolls around based on commands - with vision could be fun LED glow should make it easy for vision to identify ball
  5.    Robot arm
  6.    A toy car
  7.    Toy Truck

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