Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Relay documentation

Our relay still is not here but we found the documentation for the relay online.

 Codes to send Relay controller
  1.  Left motor on=¨e¨,  off=¨o¨
  2. Right moter on=¨f¨, off=¨p¨
  3. Light 1 on=¨g¨, off=¨q¨
  4. Light 2 on=¨h¨, off=¨r¨
  5. Magnet on=¨i¨, off=¨s¨

Higher level movement codes
  1. Forward=¨ef¨    - both motors on
  2. Right=¨ep¨         - left motor on right motor off
  3. Left=¨fo¨            - right motor on left motor off
  4. Stop=¨op¨          - both motors off


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