Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meet the island boys / Water brake version 0.1

Meet the Cate crew
Arranging us from shortest to tallest, our initials spell out our last name
Our Dad and the boat and water brake
The boat and water brake in the Ocean

Getting into deeper water so the water brake does not get scratched on the reef
It filled with air and stayed above water
But with a little persuasion the bag stayed underwater

We shortened the water brake so it was on average a little more forward and it worked a little better

Corey (the kid in the blue hat) on a glass bottom boat

  1. Flapping plastic has lots of air drag.  Ideally water brake is all under water.
  2. Water brake has to be far forward to keep boat pointed into the wind
  3. Don't want a bag that can fill with air or water
  4. Wood floats and so is not ideal for something that is supposed to go down into the water.
  5. Does not need such a large water brake

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