Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Quadmaran vs Sailboat

In the videos below both the quadmaran and the sailboat are each about 10 lbs.  In real boats the cost is roughly proportional to the weight of the boat.  So in some sense this is a fair comparison.  However, the sailboat gets stability from moving through the water and from the wind against the sail and in this test it does not get those. 

We are interested in slow moving solar powered boats and just want to show that the sailboat shape is not ideal design for our purpose.  The 4 floats on the quadmaran are widely spaced and the sailboat is much smaller with much of the floatation in the center.    So the sailboat rocks much more in this slow no wind against the sail test.   Note that the quadmaran has a lot more area for solar panels as well.

These videos are slowed down by a factor of 4 which would be right if these are models of boats 16 times larger.  So imagine the 4 foot quadmaran model is 64 feet long and 32 feet wide.

The wind for this scale is hurricane force, the waves on this scale are large for the Caribbean.    

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