Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Awesome Science!

We want to use a magnet and an electromagnet to connect two boats together.
we still don't have a phone with a compass so we made one but please tell us if you know of a cheap android phone with a compass, Or better yet does anyone have a old phone with a compass they could donate. To test if it has a compass install a free compass app.

we need to know if it is safe to have a magnet near our phone compass. so we built several compasses to test how far away a magnet has to be so the compass still detects the Earth and not the magnet. We made a compass using a magnet and string, and with a magnet floating on water. Our tests say that for the magnets we are using if we are more than one foot away it dose not affect the compass. Since our modal will be 4 feet long we should have no problem.

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