Thursday, March 17, 2016

Floats for quadmaran large enough to carry people

 Our floats came today!

 Now to unwrap them.

For packing there is a bar connecting two together and Amoni is sitting on that.

 The two pairs are connected together and Amoni is lifting one of each pair up.
 Easier to just lift a pair together.
 Looking past our Mars Experiment to the new floats outside.
 The volume is close to that of a 55 gallon drum.   Salt water is about 8.6 lbs per gallon.  So 55 gallons displaces 473 lbs.   We only want the float halfway in the water.  We were estimating about 200 lbs usable per float or 800 lbs total usable buoyancy.  This still seems about right.  This has to cover boat, solar panels, battery, motors, and people.
This boat will be large enough to carry people, but the people will be optional.  It will be able to go on its own.   It will use the same software as the smaller autonomous robot boat.

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